Aer Lingus 2013

Here are a sample of some Difference Days and
what our clients have to say:


“The whole day was a pleasure from start to finish. I was struck by the sense of calm, good humour and lovely connection amongst all involved. It was a beautiful exchange of energy that reached and moved the whole community” - Breda Murray – Principal JNS, Darndale

"It was fantastic to give back to this amazing school in Darndale – thanks to everyone at Difference Days – you planned it all so well." - Willie McGonagle, Engineering Specialist, Fuel Management

70 Dedicated Aer Lingus Staff undertook 10 mural and garden projects at Our Lady Immaculate JNS
, Darndale Dublin 17.
What a FANTASTIC Job they all did making a MASSIVE Difference for the 210 Children (4 to 8 year olds) and teachers from this wonderful school in Darndale D17.


  • Over 70 Aer Lingus Staff
  • 500 hours of labour
  • Built, fenced and created a “Jungle Garden” and “Willow Garden”
  • Built an “outdoor classroom” and 12 bench seats
  • Painted the play yard into colorful play zones with hopscotch and other games
  • Painted wonderful nursery rhyme themed murals on the school corridor walls
  • Painted a relaxed seascape mural onto the meditation room walls

Before, During and After Photos