Distilled Media 2011

Here are a sample of some Difference Days and
what our clients have to say:


The project was meticulously prepared and executed from start to finish and your attention to detail in the planning really paid dividends on the day... - Odhran Ginnity COO, Distilled Media

I want to acknowledge the amount of work you and your team did and recognize the effort put in by everyone involved...Brian Allen, Chief Executive, St Joseph's Centre for the Visually Impaired

Distilled Media’s Difference Day Video 2011

St Joseph’s Centre for the Visually Impaired, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.
The Distilled Media team built a sensory vegetable garden with raised beds and planted a wild flower garden in a day.


  • 60 Staff
  • 400 man hours of work
  • Raked and compacted 80 tonne of hardcore
  • Assembled 150 sleeper beams into raised beds and vegetable runs
  • Raked and compacted 20 tonne of Ballylusk dust
  • Filled 8 raised beds with compost and 3 vegetable runs
  • Raked weeds and scrub off a 300 foot long bank
  • Planted wild flower seed

Before, During and After Photos