Fidelity Investments 2012

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Would not have being possible if it were not for the professionalism, enthusiasm and sense of contribution by all the team at Difference Days - Mischa Fekete and Ben Gamble, The Bridge Camphill Community

200 Plus strong team from Fidelity Investments Dublin and Galway office build a 750m long wheelchair accessible Nature Trail for The Bridge, Camphill Community, Kilcullen Co Kildare.


  • 200+ Fidelity Investment Team from Dublin and Galway Offices
  • 750m Wheelchair Accessible Nature Trail completed in a day
  • 1,400 Man hours of work completed
  • 120 Tones of Hardcore and 100 tones of Ballylusk Dust shoveled and spread around the path
  • 600 pieces of 4 x 4 posts (1.4m) nailed into place
  • 80 wheelbarrow, 100 shovels and 80 rakes used in the process

Before, During and After Photos