LexisNexis 2014

Here are a sample of some Difference Days and
what our clients have to say:


We are truly delighted with our new garden and outdoor area. All of our 350 members will benefit from this fabulous area” – Anne King, Volunteer Manager, Lakers, Bray

Every one said how enjoyable & easy it was working with yourself Maurice & Adam – ye were patient and calm with us. You have 2 great guys there working with you” – Linda Harte, Manager Client Services, Insurance, LexisNexis | Risk Solutions

30 staff members from LexisNexis made a huge difference to the hundreds of people with intellectual disability who avail of the services at Lakers, Bray, Co Wicklow.( A new garden area with created within the existing car park and new seating installed, along with tiding up the rear of the building with new fence, raised beds, seating and outdoor blackboards.


  • 30 LexisNexis Staff
  • 210 Man hours of labour
  • Erected new security fence and gate
  • Created new garden within this fenced off area (8m2) with raised vegetable beds and seating
  • Built a wooden screen fence on the boundary rear wall
  • Barrowed 20 ton of washed pebble to rear ground surface
  • Barrowed 20 ton of Ballylusk Dust, raked and whacked to ensure new garden is wheelchair accessible
  • Made, painted and erected new outdoor blackboards

Before, During and After Photos