What We Do

Find the project

Find the Project

  • We source the project for your company. The suitability will be based on the number of staff, location and budget.
  • We will also try to accommodate any special interest or association the company may have with a particular charity, a neighbourhood service, sporting or educational interests for example.

Manage The Project

Manage the Project

  • We manage all aspects of the project and all parties involved in making it a memorable and successful day.
  • This involves communicating with the charity/beneficiary to establish their needs, and build the project plan.
  • We can provide content for internal email or printed communication to link in staff
    with their forthcoming Difference Day.
  • Employ professional tradesmen and create a detailed work plan for the staff on the day.
  • We also manage media coverage of the event if appropriate.

On Difference Day

On Difference Day

  • On the day, we arrange everything, transport, food, materials and any specialist equipment that is required, all the company have to do is turn up!
  • We have teams arranged and allocated to certain activities, materials and protective clothing ready and professional trades people on hand to give instruction.
  • Throughout the day the staff have the opportunity to work with their colleagues in a unique setting towards a common goal,to complete the project. In some instances they will work directly with the beneficiaries.
  • At the end of the day we usually organise a handing over or thank you ceremony from the beneficiaries. This is when your company get to leave your legacy and enjoy the gift of giving!
  • As a reminder of the difference you made, we can arrange to have the day filmed by our production crew.

Wrap Party

Wrap Party


Tell us your budget and we’ll find the project!

  • The client covers all costs incurred on the day, ie. Materials, trade professional’s fees, transport, equipment hire etc. The costs are approved with the client in advance.
  • Our only charge is a management fee which depends on the time involved in preparing and managing the project.