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What we do & how it works

  • We arrange everything, transport, food, materials and any specialist equipment, ensuring the day runs seamlessly… all you have to do is turn up!
  • We arrange the teams, allocate the activities, materials and all of the protective clothing. Professional trades-people are always on hand to give instruction. You might even learn a new skill!
  • We create the opportunity for your team to work with their colleagues, building stronger relationships in a unique setting, with a common goal. In some instances they will work directly with and get to know the beneficiaries.
  • At the end of the day, there is usually a handing over/thank you ceremony hosted by the beneficiaries. This is a gift to your team, a legacy produced by your company that will create a unique bond amongst your staff, that will stand to you for years.
  • As a reminder of what you have created on the day, we can arrange to have the project filmed by our production crew.

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What We Do